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NFFT2024 Digital AI Fashion Movie


6/4(火)渋谷LINE CUBE 1F_SSFF & ASIA Creator Meetup Lounge

6/18(火) 6/19(水)フランス Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2024 / カンヌ広告祭関連イベントとして、期間中にカンヌで期間限定でオープンするTYO HOUSE にて特別NFFT2024_Cannes_POP UP展示とAIセミナーを開催します。カンヌTYO HOUSE についてのお問い合わせは 

TYO Producer 馬詰正までお問い合わせください

6/23(日)渋谷PARCO10階ComMunE 1DAY スペシャルイベント10階ルーフトップバーで映像作品公開 AI Creator Meetup Partyを企画します 6月のイベント詳細はNFFT Official Web SIte にてお知らせしていきます。

Event 取材お問い合わせは、STUDIO D.O.G GK

Japanese Press Release


June Event Schedule

6/4 (Tue) Shibuya LINE CUBE 1F_SSFF & ASIA Creator Meetup Lounge

6/18 (Tue) - 6/19 (Wed) Cannes, France: Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2024. As part of the Cannes Lions related events, there will be a special NFFT2024_Cannes_POP UP exhibition and AI seminar held at TYO HOUSE, which will open temporarily during the period in Cannes. On 6/23 (Sun), a special event, "ComMunE 1DAY," will take place on the rooftop bar of Shibuya PARCO 10th floor, featuring the screening of visual works and an AI Creator Meetup Party. Details of the events in June will be announced on the NFFT Official Website.

For event coverage inquiries,

please contact STUDIO D.O.G GK


Press Contact (お問い合わせ



Shibuya Shibuyaku Tokyo Japan 150-0002





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